Ways to Donate

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Your generosity, no matter what kind of donation you choose to make, will touch the lives of the thousands of Canadians waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, their families and those who will need an organ donation in the future.

Donate Your Time

We would love to have your help. We are always looking for volunteers to help organize and administer our programs and initiatives. Please contact us and tell us a bit about your interest, your skills and your availability.

If you are a high school student needing to complete the 40 hours of community service you’ll need to graduate, speak with your guidance counsellor about working with us.

Contact Us to Volunteer

Make a Financial Donation

Make a donation to the T.O.P. Foundation and receive a tax receipt. We will ensure that your donation is used to further programs designed to improve awareness of organ donation and help increase the number of registered donors across Canada.

You can donate a one time gift, become a monthly donor, or make a gift in honour or celebration of a loved one.

Provide your contact and payment information below to help us save Canadian lives. As a registered charity, we collect your contact information to generate an electronic tax receipt, which will be sent to the email address provided.

Donate Now

Donate Securities

Donating securities that have appreciated to a charity is a great way to help others while saving yourself the capital gains tax. Yes, it is true - Capital gains on donated shares are not taxed, and may provide a greater benefit to you than making a cash donation. 

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities, which reduces tax payable on other sources of income. We will use your donation for programs and initiatives that will help us even the score by bringing the supply of organs more in line with the demand.

Donate Stocks & Bonds Now

To initiate your gift transfer, please complete a Letter of Instruction – Transfer of Securities form with your broker and return a copy to The Organ Project.

Alternatively, you can use this form. Please fill in all the appropriate information and send to Mandy at mandy@theorganproject.net.

The Organ Project (T.O.P Foundation) is a registered Canadian charity 767807126RR0001

Donate today to help The Organ Project in its mission to save lives by ending the organ transplant wait list.

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