Register to Become an Organ Donor

Register to Become an Organ Donor

Thank you for registering to become a potential organ donor and pass on your organs when you die. Please know that the chance of you actually becoming an organ donor is very low. In fact, as a Canadian, you are five to six times more likely to NEED a transplant than you are to donate your organs.  The very low probability that a potential organ donor will become an actual organ
donor is why it is SO important for as many people as possible to register. Your gift today may mean that you could save as many as 8 lives in the future! You have taken the first (and most important) step to becoming a true hero for a fellow Canadian.

Registration is a generous act and it is important that you know that registration presents absolutely no health risk to you as a potential organ donor. We have an incredible health care system in Canada and all health care providers do everything possible to save lives, all lives. Usually, the only time someone in the health care system will check to see if you are a registered organ donor is when every effort to save your life has been attempted and all hope for survival is gone. At that time, the focus of care will shift to saving other lives with the gift(s) you left behind. Why miss a chance to save a life?

If you think you are registered - please check. 1.8 million people in Ontario alone think they are registered but they are not. To be registered, you need to be entered in your provinces registered persons database - on-line, not by paper. If you signed your licence years ago, you have not been captured in the database. Please check and register on-line.

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