For Institutions

Schools, places of worship, not-for-profits or government agencies are great places to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and inspire Canadians to register. 

No matter the size of your institution, you have the opportunity to bring together those within your organization to help The Organ Project in its mission to end the organ transplant waiting list.

Some facts about organ donation to help you start the conversation:

  • Donor registration is confidential and doesn’t impact a person’s medical care. Registration status is only accessed at end-of-life to share a person’s donation wishes with their family.
  • Anyone over the age of 16 can register. People of all ages and medical histories should consider themselves potential donors.
  • You can easily change or withdraw your donor registration at any time.
  • Donor registration gives families clear evidence of their loved one’s donation decision. It relieves families of the burden of making a donation decision on their loved one’s behalf at a difficult time.
  • Organ donation and transplantation is managed provincially by a provincial Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO). Most provinces provide residents with the opportunity to register their desire to be a potential organ donor on-line. The Organ Project has consolidated all the provincial registration functions on our site.

How You Can Inspire Others

Place posters on notice boards, in high foot traffic areas, faculty offices and common areas, including student housing. We have commercials, patient testimonials and promotional materials available for download and presentations available for print.

Ask us to speak at an upcoming meeting or event. We can help find experts to speak to your organization – organ transplant surgeons, critical care specialists, organ donor families and organ recipients.

Include information about Organ Project events in school newsletters.

Challenge another institution in your community to a registration challenge and see which of you can inspire the most registrations in a month.

Other Ways to Make an Impact with The Organ Project

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