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While progress has been made in bringing light to the importance of organ donation and donor registration, there’s still a lot more to do! Ending the organ transplant waiting list depends on creating awareness and encouraging more Canadians to register as organ donors.

You have the power to help us in our mission to end the organ transplant waiting list by spreading the message and helping your community discover facts about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

You can also be a part of the movement by encouraging your friends and family to register and share their decision on social media. Start a dialogue among those closest to you about the vital role available organs play in preventing needless deaths. You can empower people to save others in need.

Registering to become an organ donor is free, takes less than 2 minutes to complete and can add decades to a person’s life.

Share your story

Share Your Story

Not sure how to start the conversation or how to contribute? All it takes to spread the message is sharing a story about how organ donation has touched your life or the life of someone close to you. Send us your transplant story.  Please include a couple of pictures that will help people understand the importance that organ transplantation has played in your life. Together, lets spread the word on social media and encourage broader networks to do the same. Start the conversation today and be a leader of change. Stories like yours play a significant role in helping to end the organ transplant waiting list


Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the message about the importance of organ donation.

Help us make organ donation personal

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Some Facts Worth Sharing

A single donor can help more than 75 people, and save up to 8 lives

There are over 4,500 people waiting for an organ donation in Canada. Five of them die every week

76% of the Canadian donation waiting list are in need of a kidney transplant

Costs to Ontario’s healthcare systems top $100 million every year providing care to those on the organ transplant waiting list for a kidney

Canadians are 5 times more likely to need an organ than give one

90% of Canadians say that they support organ and tissue donation; however in practice less than 20% have made plans to donate

The average patient on the waiting list for a kidney will wait for four years for their new organ

There are only 20.9 Canadians per every million that have registered as an organ donor – to leave their organs when they die.

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