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Organ donation is the process of surgically removing an organ or tissue from one person and placing it into another.

In 1954, the kidney was the first organ to be successfully transplanted from one human to another in Boston Massachusetts.  Four years later, Canadian physicians completed their first kidney transplant.  Canadians have often been on the leading edge of transplantation, completing the first single lung transplant in 1983 and the first double lung transplant in 1986.  

Transplantation has proven to be a very effective treatment for organ failure.  In some instances, the only treatment. 

Help us improve access to transplants for people that desperately need it.  Help us end their wait.  Start the conversation – talk about the growing shortage of organs in Canada.  Talk about the fact that people are dying waiting. Tell people that registering as an organ donor helps.  It helps a lot. Talk about it now, before someone you know, someone you love, finds themselves waiting.

Organ failure can happen to anyone at any time, help us even the score.

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By spreading the word and supporting donation you have the potential to touch hundreds of lives. Think of how many friends you have on your Facebook page – if even only 3 of them signed up to be a donor because you shared The Organ Project’s message, that’s another 24 lives saved. So share it, tweet it, tag it – get the message out there. Registering as a donor saves lives. Please use the hashtag #ENDTHEWAIT and tag us @theorganproject

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