Finding a Living Donor

Living Donor Outreach

People who are on the waiting list and in urgent need of an organ transplant are often forced to search for a living donor so they can have the life-saving transplant they need in time. That was certainly the case for Eugene Melnyk in 2015. A rare blood type, Mr. Melnyk was having no luck finding a deceased liver donor. As his condition worsened, his family implored him to search for a living donor. Luckily, a match was found and Mr. Melnyk received his new liver. Because of Mr. Melnyk’s experience, and his passionate commitment to ending the wait list, we are determined to help others find the life-saving organ they often desperately need. But, searching for a living donor can be a complicated and, sometimes, ethically challenged endeavor.

As we move into 2018, we hope to spend more time working with clinical leaders like the Canadian Blood Service and BC Transplant to bring useful tools to patients looking for a living donor. Watch this space. We hope to be back later this year with tools that will help patients engage in an effective campaign to find a living donor. Your financial support will help us package the knowledge and experience of clinical leaders across Canada and make it available to patients that really need it.

Reasons to Consider Searching for a Living Donor

Canada is experiencing an organ shortage. There are many causes of organ failure – trauma, virus,
disease, abuse and the incidence and prevalence of organ failure is on the rise. In many cases,
transplantation is the only treatment available. Despite this growth in demand for organs, the supply of
organs available for transplant across Canada has not kept pace, leaving a shortage of organs.

And there are other benefits to finding a living donor. Having a living donor makes it easier to plan for surgery, wait times are considerably shorter, and medical outcomes are often better with transplants from living donors.  

For more information about how to get started in your search for a living donor please contact The Organ Project at 416-916-0737

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