Stuntman Stu Donor Reunion

March 20, 2018



It was two years ago this month that Ottawa Majic 100 morning co-host Stuntman Stu was diagnosed with leukemia. He announced it on Facebook and the video went viral and the Ottawa community including his Ottawa Senators friends rallied behind him.


After his 2016 diagnosis he launched the #StuStrong campaign and underwent a bone marrow transplant and in April of 2016 he was told he was in remission.


“Using a hockey term, I’ve won the Eastern Conference and now have to win the Cup with a Bone Marrow Transplant #BeatLeukemia #StuStrong,” he wrote on his Instagram post.

“It’s kind of crazy to think that on Feb. 15 I had over 90 per cent of the leukemia in my body, and here we are less than two months and it’s out,” said Schwartz.


In September of 2017 Stu returned to the airwaves. Stu recently shared his story about the pharmacist who he says, saved his life. 
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Stay tuned for updates as he meets his donor for the first time.

Fast Facts for Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplants

- Once you are swabbed by a bone marrow registry, your sample is kept and there is no need to be re-swabbed.

- Greatest need in Canada is men under 35 of mixed ethnicity, particularly of African descent.

- OneMatch, managed by Canadian Blood Services is the bone marrow registry in Canada.

- One Match is a member of the World Marrow Donor Association - a worldwide organization that searches all member registries for a match.

- If you need a bone marrow transplant you have a 25% chance of finding a match in your family.

- For those without a family donor, 80% of patients find a match outside of Canada

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